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lisabeersI’m Lisa Beers, a professional web designer with happy clients all over the world. I’ve been creating unique and effective websites since 1999, and focus on providing exceptional personalized service. I love to help people get an awesome website and help them learn to use their site quickly and easily.

Before I started my business I worked in the corporate world as a trainer, district manager and communications pro. I was always fascinated with the internet and the fact that anyone could have their own presence on the web, so after my son was born I decided to strike out and start my own business building websites.

Starting a business from scratch was like boot camp that taught me invaluable lessons in running and growing a business. I’ve now been around long enough to know that every time you think you’re all set, you still have more to learn. It’s a good thing I love to learn new things all the time!

During all these years I’ve worked with individuals, small businesses and large non-profits. I believe that every business is unique and deserves a terrific website to help them achieve their goals and boost their brand.

Why work with me?

The short answer is that I believe everyone should be able to have a great-looking, incredibly effective website, and that the whole entire process should be affordable and super easy.

The longer answer is:

My years of experience in building high quality websites, and my focus on personalization, will help you get an awesome website tailored to your unique business and objectives.

I don’t speak geek. I use plain language to explain everything. I have zero interest in impressing people with tech talk. I have 100% interest in making the process easy for you and removing your stress and confusion.

When you get a quote from me, you can count on it. I’m a consumer too and I HATE unexpected expenses. Over many years I developed a proven process for determining the appropriate scope (and cost) of a project. That means that once I send you a quote you can rest assured you won’t get hit up with unexpected extra fees.

I want you to feel confident updating your website. All my custom website projects include training at no additional cost. You get written, video, and live email/phone training on how to use and update your website. I truly want you to feel that this part is easy.

If you’re curious, if you’re sure you want to hire me, or if you just have questions — simply email me, call me at 404-380-1688, or fill out the contact form. I’d love to hear from you.

Lisa is one of those individuals that you run into very rarely and only if you are lucky. She is able to intuitively understand your needs before you speak them, or in spite of what you THINK they are. She is able to see beyond the obvious and applies creativity and incredible work ethic in every undertaking she and her company are involved in. I highly recommend Lisa, the quality of her work is beyond compare.

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