Be easy to find!

Recently I’ve begun taking some classes at a local dance studio just for fun. I love Studio Dance and Fitness, everyone is extremely nice, and even someone with two left feet like me can feel at ease. Check them out at If you’re in my area, definately give a class or two a try.

In terms of their internet presence, they do update their site regularly and have a newsletter using Constant Contact. Of course I’m on their email list, and they use this perfectly… to update us on class changes, new schedules, free sample classes, and other events. A+ here.

However, in their latest email newsletter today they mention they are now on Twitter and Facebook, but don’t give a link! Ugh.

Wanting to follow and friend them, I went to their website. No mention of Facebook or Twitter, not on the homepage, not on the contact page, nowhere.  I did manage to find them on Twitter and became a follower. But I can’t find them anywhere on Facebook. I sent them a tweet asking for their Facebook link, so hopefully I’ll hear back.

It’s great when companies decide to get involved in social media to promote themselves, but don’t make it hard. A first rule of business it that you must make it easy for people to find you – in real life, on the web, and in social media circles!

Obama destroys Twitter?

Yesterday, the day after our historic Presidential election, Twitter reported it’s largest spike in use ever. Twitter, along with Digg, YouTube, and the LA Times website all reported record breaking user numbers yesterday. Twitter’s usage rate was actually 2-3 times higher than it’s previous record user rate!

One thing I’ve enjoyed about watching Obama’s campaign has been how he uses the internet. (more…)