Website Price – “What Does It Cost?”

Website Price – “What Does It Cost?”

Web Design FAQs

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Page 2: Website Price – “What Does It Cost?”

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Everyone wants to know what their website price will be. It’s an important consideration. If you’ve looked around you know the answer can vary wildly. Finding out how much your website will cost can be very confusing! Let me help…

First, I want you to know that website projects with Beers Design are quoted on a flat-fee basis. I do not charge by the hour for projects. Rest assured, with me, your quote will be exactly what your project will cost.

Each project varies according to size and complexity, and no one likes a financial surprise and I completely understand this. You want to know what your project will cost and plan for it. I feel the same way when I hire a service provider. I have years of experience, so I can help you understand your options and choose a project “scope” that works for your objectives and budget.

When it comes to pricing your website, here are some things to consider.

Regardless of your budget, you need personal service. You have a business to run, lots of things to do. When you decide to hire someone to help you with your website, you expect them to do their job — make it easy for you. And you should expect this!

Many low-cost options require you to lead the process completely. The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Good planning results in a great website. Only an experience service provider can help guide you through your project successfully.

Why is this important?

In fourteen years of experience I have learned that no two websites should be alike. Each client is unique and their website should be also. Your website should serve YOUR needs and goals.

Most of the time a client doesn’t know what will be effective online, what options are available, or how to express their goals for the website.

Business owners need expert assistance planning their website – organizing their content, easily optimizing for search engines, how to best present their services or products for effective conversion. Most clients simply can’t know all their options, best practices, and how their decisions will effect the outcome of their website. They may be masters of their industry, but when it comes to their website, they need a masterful web person to guide them through.

How do I determine pricing?

No voodoo here. I communicate with prospective clients personally. I gather information using proven methods I’ve developed over many years to draw out all of the important details and considerations. You may already have a clear vision for your website… or you may not have any vision at all… either is fine! As long as we can simply discuss your business, your customers, and your goals, we will arrive at the right blueprint for a successful website.

I will also ask you about your budget. Yes, it’s awkward. I know that people may to be cynical about this question is that I can provide multiple pricing options if needed.

My ultimate goals are two-fold: First I want clients to be wow’ed by their new website. And I also want them to hire me again and/or refer their friends and colleagues to me. The only way to reach both of those objectives is to be open, flexible, honest, and reliable.

Some initial considerations:

1. Do you want a completely custom design or do you need a lower cost solution?

  • Are you blogging as a hobby? You can probably get by with a free or nearly-free theme. But you still may want help getting it all set up. Your best solution would be my $75 setup service.
  • Are you a start-up, serious hobby blogger, or have a very small business? A semi-custom website  may be your best option. You get a unique website that is professionally designed, but for a fraction of the usual website cost. I’ve had many clients start this way and then upgrade to a custom site once they get some traction.
  • Are you an established business or blogger, or want a totally custom website? Getting a 100% custom site will bring the highest level of success. You website will be completely planned, designed and coded specifically to your needs and preferences. There are no limits in what we can achieve, no pre-sets to work around. 

2. What is the “scope” of your project?

  • Do you need a simple brochure style website with five pages, or do you have hundreds of pages of content?
  • What is your vision for the new website? Is it simple and static or do you need loads of automation and fancy features?
  • Do you need a totally new website, or an overhaul of your existing site?
  • Do you need any 3rd party services incorporated into your website? (opt-in forms, scheduling, etc.)

These are critical questions! But don’t worry, when you contact me I will help guide you through all the considerations to make sure your new site works perfectly for you.

Building a website is very similar to building a house. You may want a small starter home with few upgrades. You may want a larger home with all the bells and whistles. Just as home prices vary, so do website prices. Think of your website as your online “home.”

Contact me today and we can start a dialogue to determine your website price and talk about what your online “home” can look like.

Want another opinion or to compare my prices? Here’s a solid article from the Houston Chronicle that nicely describes typical web project types and costs.

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Web Design FAQs

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Website Price – “What Does It Cost?”

Page 3: Web Design Process – What Happens?

Page 4: WordPress Training – Managing your site

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