Web Design Process – What Happens

Web Design Process – What Happens?

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Page 3: Web Design Process – What Happens?

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The next thing you may be wondering about is the actual web design process. Most clients don’t know what to expect and may think the process will be complicated. I’d like to alleviate any fears you have about what happens when you work with me.

Six Easy Steps

1. Gather information
2. Plan for success
3. Design your new website
4. Develop and install your new site
5. Test and Deliver
6. Training

Sounds easy, huh? It is. I have proven systems for each step that make sure your project runs smoothly and has an excellent outcome. These systems also ensure the whole process is easy for you. Keep reading for the details…

Gather Information Web Design Process Design the Website Develop and Install Website Test and Deliver Training

Step 1 – Getting the right information

In our very first conversation I will ask you about your business. Before we talk about a website, it’s critical that we discuss what your business is all about. What you sell or provide as a service, who you sell to, what you want a website to help you achieve. Every business is different, and I want to understand what makes you unique. Some business owners can describe this easily. They may even have metrics to show me. But other business owners aren’t so sure, particularly about goals for their website. No problem. I spent years refining excellent methods that get the right information that’s needed for an outstanding result.

After we cover the big picture, we’ll talk about what you like. I love to look at examples of websites with clients. It’s an easy way for you to show me what types of features you like and want. I will probably show you some examples too, as I make recommendations. There is no need for any tech-speak! Simply tell me what you like. Easy.

If you already have a website, we’ll also talk about what you like and don’t like about it. We’ll discuss your current content and the pages on your website to find opportunities for improving your message and user experience.

Step 2 – Planning for success

Even before we officially start working together, I will begin to take all of the information from step one and run it through my knowledge and experience in building great websites. The initial planning phase will cover things like what type of content do you need, what type of “look” will properly express your branding, what features will be engaging for your visitors, and how we will get your visitors to take the desired action. This information will allow me to provide you with a highly customized, 100% accurate quote.

The outcomes of proper planning include a great user experience, organized content, intuitive navigation, brand building, effective calls to action, and of course higher conversion rates.

Step 3 – Your new design

Once we begin your project I’ll get to work on the design. Having an awesome looking website is important! But all the information gathering and planning from steps one and two will inform your design. I’ll take everything we covered about your business, goals and preferences and create mockups to show you exactly how your new website will look. We’ll work through this step to get your designs just right, and then the real magic starts to happen!

Step 4 – The coding and installation

I’ll take the approved mockups and make them into a real, working website. No surprises here, what you approved in the design phase is what your site will look like. I’ll also install the content management system and all the technology that will provide the features we’ll be using. I’ll configure all the settings and handle all of the tech details for you. Every site I code is search engine friendly, mobile device friendly, secure, and future-proof. My code doesn’t break or require expensive updates, which saves you tons of hassle and money. Build it once, build it right is my motto!

Step 5 – Testing and delivery

After coding and installation is complete I’ll test the new site  to make sure it looks and works right on all the latest browsers and on mobile devices. Your site will render correctly on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. Plus, I test on a Windows PC and a Mac. Next I make sure that your site – including animations and drop down menus! – will work on smartphones and tablets. No matter how people visit your website they will have a great experience!

Now the fun part… After my testing is completed you will see your brand new website in action. This is an exciting time for clients, as they see the vision come to life! If there are any details to refine we’ll knock those out and plan to “go live.”

Getting a new website live can be scary for clients. It involves some technical steps that, handled wrong, will be very problematic. If you have an old website that we’ll be replacing, mistakes here can cripple your online presence and/or email service! But don’t worry, “going live” is always included in every website project. I’ll handle all the technical aspects and we’ll make sure that nothing goes awry. Just smooth sailing to your awesome new web site.

Step 6 – Training

Your new site is already live, so you may wonder why this step is included here. Every project I complete is built on a state-of-the-art content management system and no project is “done” until you are confident in using it. Maybe you don’t want to manage your site. That’s okay, I’m happy to do it for you. But most clients want the ability to update their website and I make sure you are trained and ready.

I will provide you with written and video tutorials about your content management system. For all custom site projects you will also get personalized, live phone and email training. I want to make sure you are comfortable and confident! You’ll know how to update pages, add photos and video, add new content, and much more.

Ready to get started? Just contact me or call 404-380-1688 for your free consultation today!

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Web Design FAQs

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Website Price – “What Does It Cost?”

Page 3: Web Design Process – What Happens?

Page 4: WordPress Training – Managing your site

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