WordPress Training – Learning to manage your website

WordPress Training – Learning to manage your website

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What good is a content management system if you can’t use it? That’s why I include WordPress training in every web design project. You’ll have an awesome website built on a world-class CMS, plus I’ll help you learn to make the most of it.

WordPress is very easy to use, but anything new has a learning curve. My training is designed to get you up to speed on using WordPress quickly and easily. You’ll get written instructions and short, specific video tutorials that will walk you through:

  • Logging into WordPress
  • Updating your content
  • Adding new pages and posts
  • Inserting images and media into your pages and posts
  • Maximizing your SEO efforts easily without ever touching any code
  • Using widgets
  • And more!

Keeping your website fresh and current is critical, and doing it shouldn’t be a hassle. My goal is that your new website is super easy to use, and I’ll help you learn what you need to know fast.

WordPress Training

How do you know it will really be easy?

You’re probably thinking, “Sure, you think it’s easy, you do this for a living!” When I say I can teach you how to use your website quickly and easily, I mean it. I can tell you how easy it will be based on feedback from my clients.

One of the biggest concerns most people have is about updating their website. They know they need to do it, they usually expect it to be hard. Sometimes they have been told that it is hard when talking to another web design company. I don’t get it! The reasons you would be told it’s hard is:

  • The company you’re talking with wants to do your maintenance. (Then they can charge you for changes that you should not have to pay for!)
  • The company you’re talking to doesn’t know how to train you. (They can’t break things down and explain them to non-technical people, like you.)

Why I’m happy to teach you how to do it yourself

I’ve been in business for over 14 years. I’ve created hundreds of websites. If I had to make every change on every website I’ve built I spend my days doing nothing else! I love building new sites – working with new clients, designing, coding, seeing a website come to life. If I had to manage every site I’ve ever developed I would not have time to take on new projects.

(If you want me to make all of your edits for you, I’m happy to do it. Some of my clients have me make every change for them. But most clients want to make their own updates… as long as it’s easy!)

Another reason I love to teach clients how to easily update their websites is that I love to teach!

What makes me a good teacher?

Not all web designers are good teachers. There is an art and science to making “hard” things easy. Not everyone is good at it. When you are evaluating web design companies, you need to find out if they can help you learn to use your content management system, and if they make it easy. Even if you think you could never learn do it.

There are three main reasons that I can say with 100% confidence that I will make this easy for you are:

1. I have a minor in Education from the University of South Carolina. Yes, I was formally educated to teach. I am so very grateful to all the school teachers out there. But after a rigorous curriculum and practicums, I decided that wasn’t the career for me. Although I loved teaching, working in a school district wasn’t where I saw myself.

2. I have conducted trainings for major corporations.  Before starting my own business I worked in the corporate world. I trained associates and managers for Circle K, radically redeveloping their training program along the way. My local training program was so successful I was asked to re-write the training program for their entire Eastern division. After I left Circle K I went to work for Aaron’s. There I helped develop training programs that were used nationwide. I also completely rewrote their Operations Manual to make it useful. It went from a bloated non-sensible document to a functional how-to manual. Not only do I have the education and experience, I’m talented enough at teaching to have created training materials for major corporations.

3. My clients tell me how easy it is. What real clients say is the biggest reason I know that I can make learning to update your site easy. It doesn’t matter what I think. I know that. What matters is what my clients think! See for yourself by reading my testimonials.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact me now for a free consultation and no-obligation quote. We can chat about your site, and I can explain how I can help you reach your goals. Great website? Yep. Modern design and features? Of course! SEO and mobile friendly? Certainly. Easy to update and maintain? Yes, that too.

Don’t wait any longer. There is no reason for concern. I’ll walk you through the process from first contact to successful launch to easy training. Everything’s included, so let’s talk.

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Web Design FAQs

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Website Price – “What Does It Cost?”

Page 3: Web Design Process – What Happens?

Page 4: WordPress Training – Managing your site

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