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Hidden Gem Vacation Home Redesign



Property owners Jerry and Rita Porter contacted me wanting to make their website more functional and attractive to prospective vacation home renters. The website redevelopment included a complete visual makeover to modernize the appearance and more accurately represent the beauty of their home and the area. They also wanted feature their availability calendar directly on their own website, and provide vacation home seekers a means to receive information about bookings. The new and improved website showcases their chalet, met all of their requirements, and is fully responsive. Based on my recommendation, we added a video virtual tour.  We also added a method for visitors to join an email list to get updates about the home, which will increase their guest return rate.

"You did an excellent job. The home page is beautiful.  The contact us page is perfect - just what we need. You did an amazing job with the area page.  I think it will be so helpful. Love the pictures and that when one clicks on them there is so much more to see. Lisa, thank you so much for doing an outstanding job." - Jerry Porter

Lisa is one of those individuals that you run into very rarely and only if you are lucky. She is able to intuitively understand your needs before you speak them, or in spite of what you THINK they are. She is able to see beyond the obvious and applies creativity and incredible work ethic in every undertaking she and her company are involved in. I highly recommend Lisa, the quality of her work is beyond compare.

Ellie Flores

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