Recent website for New York law firm

I recently completed and launched a brand new website for the Gravett & Gravett law firm in Westchester County, NY. This was the second project I’ve completed for the firm and they are an absolute pleasure to work with. The whole site, including the blog, is powered by WordPress, which means that the firm can easily manage their content, even adding new pages, whenever they like. They also wanted a blog, and powering the entire site with WordPress means that they only have content management system to learn and work with.

Please visit their new site, and if you live in the Westchester area and have any need for a Family Lawyer, do contact Margaretha and Willem Gravett. They are pros that will take care of you exceptionally well.

If you need a new website, or need a current site revamped, contact me for a free no-obligation consultation and quote by phone at 404-380-1688 or complete the short form now.

A new custom blog theme for an Atlanta photographer

Laura Negri of Negri Photography hired me to build her a custom theme for her photography blog. She had been using a blogger blog and wanted to make the switch to WordPress and I was more than pleased to work with her on the project.

Visit Laura’s new custom blog and check out her work, it’s gorgeous. If you’re in the Atlanta area and need an excellent photographer, give Laura a call!

What Clients Want….

I love this video that a client pointed out to me last week. Enjoy!

Marketing Lessons At The Nail Shop

OK, before I start… I’m not “girly” girl, and I don’t even like malls. However, I do have pretty hands (thanks to my Mom) and pretty fingernails (thanks to a local business that does great nails). So, for all the guys out there, “the Nail Shop” is that place that we women go to get our fingernails done. [although I’ve been seeing more and more men going in lately too!] That being said…

So I was getting my nails done. And I had my mp3 player on, as usual, listening to actual music for a change (Dave Matthews rocks!) instead of the usual Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins, or Rich Schefren. When a very atypical and very loud customer came into the shop. This woman was, well, robust. And, well, loud. She had a chip on her shoulder and she was letting us all know about it.

Normally I’d turn up the mp3 player to hear about “all the little ants are marching,” but this time I had to listen. Because underneath despite her boisterous nature, this woman was teaching a serious lesson in marketing 101 with brilliant insider tips concerning the proper use of text message software for advertising. Here’s her story: (more…)