Specialization Series – Why Being An Expert Is Important

Being an expert in your industry is vitally important. During the past several years the greater cultural mindset has shifted very strongly toward valuing specialization. Doctors and attorneys have been specializing for decades, and now folks in any industry are discovering that they have to specialize too, or risk going out of business.

Used to, there was a lot of value in being a generalist, and people looked for “turnkey” solutions from one source. They needed generalists to help them figure out what they needed, then found it easier to stick with that generalist for all their work. Now-a-days in the age of the internet, with any conceivable information at our fingertips 24 hours a day, things are different. People have become very proactive and self-service oriented. We research everything! (more…)

The Specialization Series – Why I’m Writing This

This entry is the first in a series of posts I want to write about specialization. Many things have happened recently to make me think about my business – what I like about how my business is going, and things that have happened in the past that I’d love to avoid in the future. As I’ve thought through these things I began to realize that it all comes down to specialization.

If I reflect back on the web design projects I’ve done that I am truly happy with, that have had the most positive impact on clients, they are projects that revolve around my area of expertise. When I work with a client from my top skill sets, in my areas of highest expertise, they are extremely happy with the outcome and I am extremely happy throughout the process. When I try to take on things that are outside my core areas, we all end up frustrated. (more…)